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Our business concept
Micro Jet Components is developing, manufacturing and marketing capillaries and micro fluid components for fluidic systems on the international market. replica watches

Our expertise and products
We have expertise in precision glass capillary making with microscopic dimensions useable in pipettes and in nanotech applications. hublot replica uk The focus is on capillary nozzles for continuous liquid jet stream and microscopic drop-let generation for industrial applications and research purposes.

Our medical technology program contains spare parts and consumables for Siemens various models of Mingograf, Mingocard and Mingolog ECG and EEG ink jet printers. replica watches We have chart paper, blotting rollers and writing fluid in stock.replica watches uk

With our technology for making reliable fluid lines we are supplying the world market with customer made ink lines with screw fittings which are mostly used today in ink jet and fine art lithography printers. replica watches uk

We also offer contract development and manufacturing in clean environment.

Key to success
The success of the enterprise is based on excellence in fulfilling the customer specifications and expectations.

Capillatorô is our registered trade mark.


Phone: +46 (0)8 28 10 20
 Fax: +46 (0)8 28 03 07
Email: info@microjetcomponents.com